Saturday, July 03, 2010


As I've gone deeper and deeper into this "hell-hole" of cancer and it's various treatments I've slowly, and sometimes seemingly quickly, lost a portion of my mental capacity.

Doing the bills this month I screwed up my math somehow and we're about to go $300 over-drawn, not including the coming over-draft fees. I can't fix it. I'll be selling this guitar I just bought last month as soon as I can get it fixed but there's no way I'll get more than $200 for it. And no way I'll have it fixed until Wednesday at the earliest. (Kristin has her follow-up appointment on Monday and I have "treatment" on Tuesday.)

I've made more and more mistakes these days. This one will stop my wife from getting the new shirts she needed for work, it will prevent us from being able to be with our church family next week for a special service in Florence, I can have them put the co-pay for my oncologist on my bill but I'm pretty sure Walgreen's will want the money up-front... I really messed things up this time.

Grooming is a way of expressing affection for each other, among monkeys.

For the record, we're already incredibly far behind, and seem to remain that way, on a ton of medical bills. This will just add the fun stuff like phone, utilities, insurance and such to the list.

If you have a little extra and feel lead by the Holy Spirit / Your Personal Spirit Guide / Kermit the Frog or just your heart I'd really appreciate your help.

On a very related side-note: Most of you have no idea how embarrassing, frustrating, even humiliating this is for me. I trust that God has a plan. In the mean time I feel like I've failed my wife yet again and continue to push towards being less and less of who I used to be. It's hard to not feel like yourself. It's harder still to know that you'll never feel like that again. I'm sorry to come to you begging. But it's the option I have. God'll make sure I'm humble eventually. I'm sure.

ALSO: I'd be happy to, in thanks for your non-tax-deductible donation, help you out with some kind of graphic design work. (Working around my treatments of course.) Or provide you some printing services at cost. I'd be happy to. (Thus the title of this blog.)

(UPDATE) Through God and a few good friends the money has come together and we should be able to avoid the over-draft fees. Thank you. Keep in mind that while this was a momentary set-back. We are months behind on various medical bills and really appreciate your continued prayer and occasional financial support. (/UPDATE)

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