Friday, July 02, 2010

To Make A Long Story Short

I just wrote this long, long, piece that, upon reading, seemed to drone on much longer than this first sentence feels. Then, I erased it.

Here's the gist of it all:

I've been angry the last couple of days. Not angry at anyone. Just angry. It's the whole "feeling like my life is being ripped away from me" little thing. That anger has made it more difficult for me to pray and difficulty praying has left me feeling like I've failed some friends who are struggling... who I was also praying about.

Also, I've been watching a lot of The Office on Netflix:
"There is a God, and He has a plan for us after all." - Micheal Scott, Manager, Dunder-Mifflin (Season 4, Episode 1, "Fun Run")

So here we are at 1:30 am on a Friday morning. I can say that because, in my mind, you really are kind of here with me. (Not in a creepy or insane way. More in a heart-felt, sweet, maybe we dated in high school and realized we were better as friends and became the best of friends... life-long friends. Ok, now it's creepy.) Anywhoo... here we are.

In the 1939 film version of The Wizard of Oz, the "chief" winged monkey is named ka Nikko. 

More and more I think about "what ifs". All related to Kristin and I. How many Broadway shows would we have seen? How many children... or dogs?  How many years? How many years would we have had?

Well... crying now. Should go to bed where my sweet wife and puppy are sleeping softly. I probably will in a little while.

Side note: Just noticed someone used the side-link on my site to click-through to and purchase "The Satanic Bible". Can't tell you how much that cracks me up. I made four cents off of your purchase, whomever you are. So thank you.

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lisa said...

Hi Aaron and Kristin: Aaron it is ok to be mad. There are alot of us praying for you, so you can take a few days off - besides, I believe God understands.

(((HUGS))) to the both of you!


aaron jamison said...

I'm aware that that's ok to be mad. And a lot of people have made that comment. I don't try to deny any of my feelings. I just think some of them aren't as useful to us, or as important, as we let them be.

Thanks for the comment thought. It's very true.