Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Popcorn Bucket List

Among my many projects bubbling in the background of my mind lately has been to make a Popcorn Bucket List. A list of movies and shorts that I really want to see again before cancer "takes" my life. (I assume "takes" it, places it on a slide, puts it in a small wooden box and hides it in it's air-conditioner.*) I've started writing out lists a couple times but gone ahead and, in my usual manner, lost each somewhere along the way.

I've got a few which, for me, are no-brainers. One of my favorite, and lesser known, films is Shakes the Clown. It follows the fall from grace of an alcoholic clown and his redemption while living in the town of Palookaville. (I'll be linking any movie titles here to an info page if you're curious of the plots rather than explaining each one.) Others that I must see again include: Blade Runner (Director's Cut), Blazing Saddles, It's A Wonderful Life, The Muppet Movie, Better Off Dead, Cars, and Into the Woods.

There are others I'm juggling and trying to make decisions on. But I don't want to miss anything. I want to try to enjoy the movies that I just loved one more time. Do you see where I'm going with this? I'd like your help. Now, I'm not looking for any new movies. Just movies I've already seen and want to see again. Unless you have an idea that really intrigues me or a film I'd always wanted to see but forgotten about. Help me out? What movie (available on Blu-Ray or DVD) have I forgotten? You can comment here, email me at, or mail me your idea at:

Popcorn Bucket
c/o The Jamisons
PO Box 72047
Eugene, OR  97401

I hope to see a lot of response to this. I'm very excited to discover what I've forgotten. Or, even better, discover the incredible bad taste in movies of which you are all capable. Make me proud people!

Jaymi: Army of Darkness is a maybe. I don't know why. But it is. Love Princess Bride and Monty Python's Holy Grail but I'm still sick of Princess Bride from high school and I think Spam-A-Lot may have ruined the "Grail" for me. But Rocky Horror Picture Show, White Christmas, This is Spinal Tap and Young Frankenstein all have to go on the list.

Clint: Absolutely Rocky has to go on the list. Rambo (FIrst Blood Part II) however, will not. I actually like First Blood, but that doesn't make the list either.

Lilith: Wow. Ok. Garden State, Grosse Pointe Blank and Serendipity are great suggestions. The one I forgot that I'm incredibly glad you reminded me of was Big Trouble in Little ChinaThank you.



For those of you who want a little extra laugh in your week, I'll be performing stand-up comedy this Sunday night here in Springfield. 

I, and possibly Tim, will be performing stand-up "comedy" this Sunday night in Springfield. There is no cover charge. I've never played the venue and am not sure who will be sharing the stage with me. I can't guarantee they'll be funny. Heck, I don't even guarantee that I'll be funny.

Time: 9:00 pm
Cost: Free
Age Restrictions: 21 & Over

Come down and check it out! If nothing else, the conversation at our table will be hilarious.


jaymi said...

hope 2 c u on sunday!

keep in mind i have horrible taste in movies, so here's my suggestions:

1. Army of Darkness (and evil dead if u have the time.)
2. rocky horror picture show
3. sybil (for the acting)
4. gone with the wind (cuz i'm a girl)
5. little foxes (bette davis)for the use of new depth of field cameras..
6. the princess bride (no matter how trendy, it still makes me laugh.)
7. the others and the sixth sense
8. chitty chitty bang bang
9. Austin powers
10. (tv) Fame (any season)
and : any play u've been in... i suggest u start with finding a copy of "King of the Road!" or "Bye bye birdie", cuz there's this cute girl in them (another cute girl is in king of the road and Gettin' ready for the Miracle)

those are my pitiful offerings...

jaymi said...

OOps... 4got
white chirstmas (Holiday inn)
wizard of oz
the wiz
and sound of music

(can't leave out the musicals!)

leld said...

Garden State
What Dreams May Come
Gross Point Blank
Princess Bride
Big Trouble In Little China
Exorcist 3
Joe Versus The Volcano
Mortal Kombat
Groundhog Day
5th Element
Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil


leld said...

Garden State
What Dreams May Come
Gross Point Blank
Princess Bride
Big Trouble In Little China
Exorcist 3
Joe Versus The Volcano
Mortal Kombat
Groundhog Day
5th Element
Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil


jaymi said...

r u sick of me yet? i 4 got

the producers
my favorite treasure hunt movies:
It's a mad mad world
Scavenger hunt (my personal fav.)
Rat race....

plus the super silly ones:
naked gun
monte python's Holy grail
meet the spartans

plus the mocumentaries:
Spinal tap
waiting for Guffman
best in show
a mighty wind
(i like these just for the improv factor...)

on to mel brookes:
u already have blazing saddles
young frankenstein
space balls
robin hood, men in tights

hey, sorry to over whelm u, but it got me thinking and i can't stop.

Peg Major said...

Here is my "short" list of
a few personal favs

1. To Kill a Mockingbird
2. The Station Agent
3. Akira Kurasowas DREAMS
4. Billy Elliot
5. West Side Story
6. Oliver
7. Waiting for Guffman
8. Best in Show
9. A Mighty Wind
10.Fly Away Home
11.Dr. Zhivago
12. 2001 a Space Odysey
13. The Changeline (ghost story starring George C. Scott)
14. A Christmas Carol (w/ George C. Scott as Scrooge)
15.Dan in Real Life
16.Tommy Boy

Alicia said...

What about
Road House
Boondock Saints
cant forget the SANDLOT!!

Milla said...

I think the best movie you could watch would be the documentary "Raw for 30 Days". You can watch the trailer for it here. Maybe I'll show up at your commedy thing and give (lend) it to you. (Yes, you're being stalked ;-)

Bill said...

If Only

With Jennifer Love Hewitt. Its a must see and life changer.

Shawshank Redemption

Also a must see and a life changer.


Because anything is possible.



With Jodie Foster because again, anything is possible

anonymous commenter said...

I could only think of one movie not already mentioned that I know you used to love; Magnolia.

We watched Amelie together, a million years ago, but I'm not sure you'd want to see that one again.