About Me

I am a, mostly, carbon based life-form. Although I would suspect that I have a large amount of Red Dye #40 in the make-up. I was a Christian comedian (stand-up and improv) and musician... of sorts.

My life, though I'm sad to say not my art, has been heavily influenced by the work of Chuck Jones.

Currently dealing with "wide-spread" cancer in my body and relying on the fact that God is in control. 


I was born in Bend, Oregon. At six months old we moved to Northern California. Specifically, Watsonville, California, to be with family. My Father had developed a brain tumor. Was told it was terminal. They went to Watsonville so my Grandmother could take care of me as my Mother watched my Father die. As a last ditch resort some deacons and a missionary at the Conservative Baptist Church my Mom had grown up in anointed my Dad with oil and prayed over him. (For those unfamiliar, this almost never happens in a Baptist church.) The headaches went away and the next hospital visit proved the tumor was gone.

It's interesting that this is how my life started, and how it, most likely, ends.

Growing up, we moved back and forth, mostly, between northern and southern California. I went to a lot of different schools and churches. Spending most of my non-school time with adults. This resulted in me being a very awkward kid. Maybe it was just in my genes. Who knows really?

My freshman year in high school we moved to Springfield, Oregon and my life went a direction I had never planned or expected. While I was very active in the Springfield High School newspaper and theater, I rarely went to other classes. Eventually I failed to graduate from high school. That is probably my biggest regret in life regarding successes and failures. Not being able to give my parents that picture of me walking up and getting a diploma really does haunt me.

Later I moved around a bit. Performed a lot. Got married. Thankfully, was divorced. (I wish her well. She and I just should never have been married.) When the improvisational comedy theater I was working with closed down I became extra-suicidal. I say "extra" because I've been suicidal all my life. This was just the worst moment.

This situation forced me to seek help. I couldn't disapoint my parents again. The doctor, who I was able to see because I had gone back to school and Lane Community College has a wonderful health program for their students, worked with an on-campus psychologist and provided me with a diagnosis of anxiety and put me on a medication that changed my life.

Shortly after, I met the woman who would become my wife. She has taught me so much, along with my parents, about the unconditional love of God and how He loves us. No one has ever loved me like she does.

After being misdiagnosed for a year we, well the doctors really, discovered that I had a very aggressive form of Colon Cancer which had already spread to my liver and lymph nodes. Now we live with me on chemo and sick most of the time. Kristin takes care of me and works a job. My parents pitch in a lot. Just trying to choose joy in every situation and wait out the cancer.