Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jesus and the Carbonated Beverage, now go vote!

Today, as almost every Tuesday, I miss my wife.

Last night we received the blessing of the beverage we performed our wedding toast with at a discount from BigLots! I'm, in fact, drinking one now.

I'm watching The Office and drinking Jones Sugar-Free Black Cherry soda. I'm trying to pray today. Having a hard time staying focused. My blood-sugar won't go down. I've taken my insulin and avoided carbs and blah blah blah. My blood sugar is still floating between 300 and 420. I'll try to figure it out when I see my oncologist on Tuesday.

But I am trying to focus on praying today. There are so many things out there that I'm trying to talk to God about. My meds, Kristin and some decisions she's facing, my parents, money, and more. 

Pray with me today will you? For Kristin, for a friend who's a little short on rent, for a miracle... Help me pray for a miracle.

Also, please don't forget about the Windows 7 app contest. As I'm typing this blog edit my idea for a new Windows 7 app, which is really important to me, is ranked 23rd overall! So close! Please go vote and help me out!


Also, also, my MOM has started a new (and her first) blog! You should go read it and give her some love!


Bob Rice said...

If I was praying any harder my knees would explode. :) Then again, we can always pray harder.

Jan said...

I just know that I love you. And not praying is never an option.

Ali said...

Just going through your blog. Actually heard it on Johnny Dare this morning. Are you diabetic?
I have been since I was 10. I also have a blood disorder called ITP. It's nice to know that none of us are alone.
PS <3 SF Jones Soda! :)