Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Pizza and the Rock DJ

I'll be at Papa's Pizza on Coburg Road in Eugene all day today! Come down, bring your flyer, and get your pizza on! (Did I just say that? Oh yeah... Still need to take my meds this morning.)

Get your flyer here:


I need to take a moment and clear up something. Johnny Dare and the folks at KQRC have been amazing to us. They are providing us tickets to New York to see a Broadway show and scratch one more thing off my bucket-list.

At some point I mentioned that we still had to come up with the money for hotel and show tickets. It's true... kind of. Johnny and his crew did provide us with a check that would absolutely cover the cost of everything a couple months ago. Unfortunately we had some medical bills that required being paid and used that check to do so. So, please stop calling the station and saying they're bad people. They are awesome. If I saw Johnny right now I would consider giving him a kiss right on the lips. Consider it anyway. They have been more than true to their word and are amazing.

Thank you guys. Sorry for any confusion I caused.

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