Saturday, June 05, 2010

Flip to the flop to the hippity hop!

Just last weekend I made the decision to stop receiving cancer treatment. The doses and new medication were overwhelming and didn't seem to be helping. I just wanted to enjoy the time I had left.

So there's this blood test they do to check my CEA levels. I don't really understand it all. If you want to try to understand it you can go here:

Apparently, after one treatment four weeks ago my levels dropped significantly. Low levels are a good thing. So Monday I re-start treatment. Don't get too excited. Nothing, aside from the hand of God, is going to cure the kind of cancer I have. But this current treatment may reduce the size of my tumors enough to give me another year. It may.

To be quite honest. I'm a little confused. I was kind of looking forward to avoiding all the side-effects from now on. I'm still getting used to the idea. Sorry to those of you who are emotionally invested in this process. Didn't want to be a "flip-flopper" (he said in a humorous George W. Bush voice while his wife rolled her eyes).

So there's an update. Thank you to everyone who came out to Papa's Pizza for the fundraiser. It was a great time or reunion and laughter and we managed to raise some money in the process. Thank you all so much.

Monday I'll say something more important and heart-felt. I'm just a little lot confused right now.

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sundown42 said...

My name is Frederick..I don't know you and live in Fort Worth, Texas...I've been following your blog since I heard about you on'm hoping for a miracle, but I'll settle for a prolonged, happy near future for you...My parents are both physicians and they both know that a flood of antioxidants into your body can only help...