Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shrek 4 Is Awesome (Which Has Nothing To Do With This Post)

My life is truly amazing. There is no way anyone could ever convince me that God is not alive, loving me and extremely active in my life. While there are dark times in my life that have left me feeling like Job, the truth is that I am the most blessed man I know.

Kristin and I have no money whatsoever. Yet, we're able to buy enough groceries to get by. There's gas in the car... most of the time. Even the puppy has food. But we really do have no money. None.

Here's what we've been able to do with "no money" as a result of the generosity of many alongside the grace-filled hand of God:

We spent over a week in Southern California. Visited a club that very few will ever see on the inside. Sat on the couch from Kristin's favorite sit-com of all time, Friends. Kissed on several famous/cool elevators. Appeared on television. (Ok, Krisitn's back appeared on television. One quarter of my head, I think, flashed in the bottom right corner of the screen.)

Next week we'll fulfill one of my life-long goals and travel to New York for a few days. We'll see Wicked on Broadway. (We were able to procure seats fifth row, center, for around $100 through a source close to the show whom I'm not at liberty to reveal.) We might be able to catch the revival of The Fantasticks, a play I've been in love with since Eric Millegan introduced me to it (and directed me in it) in high-school.

Friday night we were blessed to see, and for me, perform in, a fun night of comedy which benefited the Aaron M. Jamison Pre-Memorial Foundation (A NON-Non-Profit). The show was put together by Kristine Levine (link is not family-friendly nor work safe), which meant that I was able to just show up and perform. A limo was donated by Sunshine Limo Service for our ride to and from the theater. The theater was paid for by Ron Jeremy and his business partner. The sound, and beer for comedians, was paid for by Diablo's Downtown Lounge in Eugene. There were numerous sponsors. Too many to thank here really. If you were one, and need or would like some recognition, call me and I'll give you a hug or something.

On August 7th of this year I get to do an improv show with a lot of old friends at the Lane Community College Theater thanks in no small part to Student Productions Association.

Most of all, and I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this here before, I have an amazing and beautiful wife who loves me beyond what I deserve and more than I can handle. Much like the love God has for all of us, the cup that is meant to hold the blessings I receive from her overflows on a constant basis.

I have parents who have always given everything they had for me. Who stood beside me when I was at my worst. When counselors, pastors and friends told them to leave me on the street they, instead, took me in. They took care of me. I have never spent a second of my life not in the center of their hearts. (You know, right beside Jesus but a little to the back. Like in some kind of spiritual heart-guest-cottage.)

Friends, acquaintances, strangers, even those whom, I'm sure, consider me an enemy have poured out their hearts.

I am truly, and humbly, blessed. I still have pain. The medication does, in fact, suck. But, I feel, there is no better argument for the unhinged love that God makes available to us, in this world that can tear us apart, than my life at the moment. While the cancer is a very large part of my life, it is insignificant against the support we've received and continue to receive. More so, it has failed when held up against the mercy and grace of God.

One of the best moments of my entire life.
Bringing Kristin up in front of Friday's audience
to honor her for her love, grace and inhuman support for me.
I couldn't, and wouldn't, do this without her.

There are some of you who expressed interest in the, as I like to call it, "Fat Guy On A Unicorn" T-shirt that was made for this show. We have a few left over and they're available here for $25, which includes shipping.

Please be patient, we'll ship out orders as soon as we return from New York.


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