Monday, June 21, 2010

We're off to see the Wicked. The wonderful Wicked of Broad... way.

Today is the start of our next "bucket list" adventure. Our tickets to New York, courtesy of Johnny Dare and the folks at KQRC in Kansas City, are sitting and waiting for us in the computers of Frontier Airlines (who also helped with the tickets). They're just waiting like Belle at the groomer's for us to pick them up and take care of them. Until, of course, they're scanned, ripped and thrown away... or scrap-booked. Who knows?

I'm excited and terrified. Hotels are booked. Tickets to Phantom of the Opera and Wicked have been purchased. A tour bus has been booked. Arrangements have been made to visit my cousin and her family on Thursday and Friday which has the added bonus of allowing me to see the area where my parents plan to retire.

So, today I have treatment with WVCI at 9am, we head to Portland after that (courtesy of Tim), stay the night and then catch an early flight (non-stop) to New York city. (How sad is it that I just can't seem to think, type or say the words, "New York city," without thinking the words, "Get a rope,"? Dang you Pace Picante Sauce.)

I'm looking forward to it. I just hope we can do all we have planned after my treatment and with the problem I've become as a travel-companion. I know that she's "never disappointed by me" but I'd hate to feel like I'd let her down.

You see, my wife is the most amazing woman I've ever known. For years, unbeknownst to me, my parents prayed for God to send a woman who would love me for who I am. It took over 30 years, mostly because I kept looking in the wrong places and had so much God was still working on with me to prepare me for so much exceptional love. God knew who the right girl was. He was just waiting for me to become the right man. I still don't know why I have cancer. I didn't know His plan for all those years and I know even less now. But I trust more. Once you receive a gift like the one He's given me in Kristin you can't help but trust that God loves you completely and has a plan for you.

At the comedy show last week I had the opportunity to thank her more publicly as I've wanted. I've posted a picture of the moment but a friend of mine recorded the moment on video and I want you all to see it.

Kristin's writing her own blog now. In just two entries she's shown more wisdom than it took me months to even hint at. You can read her fabulous writing at

For anyone planning on doing anything bad to our house while we're gone... First, we don't have much so you'd be wasting your time. Second, there are a couple of people house-sitting who, unlike most of my friends, really like their guns and keep them nearby. I'm just saying.

If anyone would like to help out with the costs of our trip or my continuously mounting medical bills, please note the t-shirts and wristbands available for sale on the right hand side along with the very simple paypal donation button where you can make a NON-non-tax-deductible donation with your credit card, debit card or your own paypal account in relative safety.

To those wanting to mail something, we appreciate the donations, but maybe even more-so lately, we've really come to appreciate your cards and letters of encouragement. Even with all the constant love that surrounds us in the form of family, friends and church (including the points where all those categories cross) we can some-times feel alone. We all can. Those notes, at those moments, are just little miracles with a postage stamp. Thank you.

Also, I've come up with an idea for a phone application to help people who take a ton of medications, like me, keep track of them and keep their refills up to date. Please go vote for my idea. I really don't care so much if I win. I'd like it to at least get enough votes for them to look into making it. Thanks!


Hedy said...

Well, I can't really know how Kristin feels about you as a travel companion, but I do know you are both incredibly strong people, and an inspiration. You both SO deserve this trip, but please listen to yourselves too, and take it easy when you need to! And don't feel guilty, daggum it!

Oh, and take lots of pictures!

AdamL said...

Sorry I just had to chime in after reading this. Interesting fact, did you know the Get A Rope guy is a local boy. Ralph Steadman, I've met him a few times, odd, but nice guy.