Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Laughing With You Gary

Gary Coleman died today.

He had been the blunt of many jokes, including my own, throughout his life.

Is it any wonder that he was angry?

Born into a disease which he new would shorten his life. A disease who's treatment would stunt his growth and leave him to be teased; that would require two, that's two, kidney transplants. A disease which would leave him psychologically scarred.

Mr. Coleman, a moniker I fear was used too infrequently to address him, was abused. First by the networks, then his parents and eventually himself.

All I could think about today was how tough his life must have been.

Granted, at some point we all must take responsibility for our actions, decisions and life. But I think that occasionally a person can be shoved so far down the wrong path that the chances of them finding their way back are all but impossible.

Tonight I say a prayer for those who knew Mr. Coleman. Those who are mourning him. I guess I wish that more of us were. Or maybe, as I approach my death much more quickly than I had ever anticipated, I just find it sad that a man goes out of this world with us laughing... but not alongside him.

For the record, Mr. Coleman's film, "On The Right Track", was one of my childhood favorites, along with "The Kid With The Broken Halo". I also loved the Broken Halo "spin-off", "The Gary Coleman Show". An animated cartoon by Hanna-Barbera which depicted Mr. Coleman as a young angel trying to help out.

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bardsmaid said...

Thanks so much for your observations, Aaron. I very much appreciate all the thought that obviously goes into them. I feel enriched by each and every one of your posts.