Monday, May 24, 2010

The Great Adventure.

What an incredible, magic even, trip this has been so far.

Universal Studios, Free lunch (thanks to the kind manager) at the Hard Rock Cafe, Glee live in concert, Disneyland, California Adventure, Club 33, Pirate's Dinner Adventure, Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles... And all the fabulous moments with my wife and friend throughout. Each moment a burst of love and life filling and rushing into and out of my heart.

Kristin and I kissing in the "life" at Club 33 in Disneyland.
I try to kiss her on EVERY elevator.

There are moments where I don't have cancer. Of course, I still actually have cancer. But for a moment now and then I forget that I'm dying in a matter of months. You know what's amazing though? I've been able to hand out a lot of bracelets. I've been able to talk to quite a few people about joy and the choices in their lives. I've been able to, with the help of Kristin, hopefully make an impact in the lives of people I hardly knew.

The days to come will be amazing too. Tour of the WB studio and watch the filming of Ellen tomorrow. I'm hoping she'll let me give out bracelets to the audience. It doesn't need to be on camera or anything. I'd just like it to happen. Then the plan is Craig Ferguson on Wednesday and maybe some improv Thursday or Friday.

I miss my little girl. Belle is well taken care of by my sister Amanda. But I miss her. I also miss my parents and my friends. But I love this rental care. It's so nice to drive a car and not have to worry about if it's going to make it to your destination or not. I love and am thankful for our little 98 Mazda. I just wish I could leave Kristin with something more reliable.

The truth is that I'm hurting. I hate the new medication, but plan to keep taking it if it will give me more time with Kristin and my family. I have rashes everywhere... the bottom of my feet, the crook of my arm, my face... everywhere. Some of them are very painful. Some are just annoying.

But God's plan is still in place. It's still moving. The time with Kristin far out-weighs the pain and side-effects of the meds.


Another amazing alert! One of the radio station I interviewed with has come through with airline tickets for us to go see Wicked in New York city. But we still have to cover hotel, theater tickets and food while we're there. So we're praying and hoping and assuming that it will happen if it's supposed to and if it doesn't... then there's a reason.

Thank you for all you support and prayers. Thank you also, for listening to me babble.

Also, also, wik:

You'll notice the bracelets that I give out for free are now for sale on the right hand side of the blog. Some people wanted to hand out their own and I couldn't give away that many without covering the cost. Some have asked for a picture of the bracelet. Here, finally, is one. Though, I admit, it's grainy enough to have been a big-foot sighting.

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