Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Both Kristin and I had some ink work (tattoo) done tonight. Her's was expected, mine was a kind of surprise. She spent about three hours under the needle and the work by Greg is just beautiful. The picture here does not do it justice.

Mine was the long awaited touch-up by Asher on my Arm E-wok. Potential pictures after some healing. I bled a lot (probably due to all that silly chemo) and it's not a pretty picture now. Did I just call him my "Arm E-Wok"? That's awesome. I now officially have an "Arm E-Wok".

We've decided not to attend my Uncle Jake's funeral tomorrow. I guess it's today since I'm writing after midnight. I just couldn't handle the funeral of a family member who died of cancer right now. I'm not sure Kristin could either.

Those who knew me in high school may or may not remember a denim jacket I wore my Freshman and part of my Sophomore year with buttons and pins all over it. On the bottom edge of the right-hand side I had what appeared to be a giant diaper pin but more rugged looking. Like the pin that might hold up the front flap of a cowboy hat for Gabby Hayes. My Uncle Jake gave that to me at a time in my life that was very difficult. He walked me into his garage and talked to me about times when he was younger and different things on his workbench. Uncle Jake was never known to give a lot of things away. His generosity to me that day was never forgotten.

The last few weeks have been hard. My prognosis isn't good. I'm back on the chemo I was on before Christmas but at a higher dose and more often.

Life is, and continues to be, a struggle. The good news is that I think Kristin can afford to survive and live once I'm gone. But right now it's all just a struggle.

I've had a hard time blogging. Sorry I haven't been "faithful" about it. Thank you for continuing to read.

If you have a couple extra bucks, we could really use the help. Either way we could use the prayer.

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BigDaddyChris said...

is an Arm E-wok, the same as an Army Wok, only less durable? I suppose perhaps one is only available to the Chinese armed forces. well anyways, I hope you smiled. My prayers are with you.

Big Daddy Chris