Thursday, February 18, 2010

la mort au rêve

It happens ever day, or so. But mostly every day. Kristin and I are so desperate to get away and experience time with just each other. One of us will look at the other and say, "How about we take a trip to ________?" We don't actually say, "blank," but we do fill in the blank with a local or event. Just now it was Las Vegas. Not that Vegas is a big deal for either of us, but a hotel in a city for a couple days and a few live shows are right up our alley.

But you know what? We always immediately pursue the idea and find out it's not even near the realm of possibility.

The only option I have tonight is to stop dreaming. For now, I'm done dreaming. I want Kristin to be able to have her dreams when I'm gone. But I'm tired of trying to have dreams. It's just becoming too painful.

I appreciate all the comments that are about to come about ... this. But I'll get over it. We all know I will.

For tonight, for now, the dream is dead.

"I couldn't wait for success,
so I went ahead without it."

- Jonathan Winters

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Bob Rice said...

I don't think you could stop dreaming if you tried. It is so much a part of you...