Monday, February 08, 2010

A Very Busy Month

On February 10, 2009, one year ago this coming Wednesday, our lives changed forever. By "our" I mean mine, my wife's, my family's and a few others. At about eleven o'clock that morning Dr. Thom Bascom told me I had cancer. Later that afternoon there was a family meeting where we grasped at questions for which, to this day, no answers exist.

There are other dates this month that are more important. Days so much more precious. My birthday, my Mother-In-Law's birthday, my Mom's birthday and, most importantly, my three year wedding anniversary.

I was going to say more. More about the cancer, about life and the shortness thereof, about love and joy and pain. I guess, for today, I've said enough.

Today I'll be at the dentist's office. It'll be, I assume, a very different medical experience. Though the last cost me eighteen inches of colon, this will, most likely, only cost me a tooth.

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