Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our clutched popped.

Our clutch has died. So, while we still have a car, it no longer moves. Ok, that's not true. It still rolls when parked on a slant or while being pushed. But it is unable to move of it's own volition at this point.

It's going to cost us $300 (including parts and labor) to have a friend fix it.

So I'm asking for money. Sorry. I don't have much pride left but this doesn't get any easier each time.

Wanna hear a great story? Do ya? Someone very graciously gave us tickets to see a Broadway show in town tonight. We could never have afforded to go. Now we can't get there. Grrrr....

I'm choosing joy. So are Belle & Kristin. We're actually laughing about this. It's kind of a strange laugh. One that you might hear down the hall in a mental asylum.

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L.L. said...

With all that's going on for you right now, I'm wondering if you have considered (or if your health will allow) a volunteer position of some kind. Like for only 1 hr. a week, that's it, you can read to kids at elementary schools for the SMART program.

If you are already doing something like this, forgive the blunt advice. I just know that when I was going through some heavy stuff that just wouldnt' stop a few years back, someone told me to get out of myself, out of my head and pain and go focus my energy on others. It worked wonders. I went out and got 6 volunteer jobs! A bit overboard, i know.

I wonder if an hour a week, while Kristin is at work, would make you feel better. Obviously with the car out of commission, travel would be more difficult. Sorry for the intrusion. I just thought I'd put it out there.