Wednesday, October 21, 2009

There is too much... let me sum up.

Tuesday night I spoke to a group of teen moms. It's the first time I've ever faced such a task. I'm going through a lot right now. I deal daily with thoughts and experiences I never thought I'd have to face. At least not at thirty-six years old. That being said, I can't imagine going through what they're going through. I can hardly imagine being a parent right now. I'm barely a pet owner. There's not a doubt in my mind of how horrible I would have been at it in my teens. But there they were. These incredibly young women living their lives, being moms, going to school.

So what did I say? I don't really know. I told them my story. Not the whole thing. Let's face it, no one wants to hear about that time I ripped my pants in eight grade after deciding I didn't need to wear my underwear again after gym class. But I told them my recent story. I told them the bad and the good. I told them how I make it a point to choose joy in my life. I told them how sometimes I fail at that. I told them I didn't have an answer for how to make that choice. I told them that some days you just have to do it.

I hope I helped. I hope that one of them, or more, got something they needed out of that time. Even if it was just the short reprieve of having someone else take their child for an hour. I didn't preach to them or talk to them about God. I just told them my story. Sometimes I think it's easier to see God when you've chosen joy. But I don't know. I'm just a guy with a story.

In other news...

Our car started behaving badly yesterday. She was purring like a kitten... with emphysema. The engine light, which has been on since we received this wonderful blessing of a free car, began to flash. I took it to an auto-parts store and asked them to hook their little sensor reader thingy up to it (I'm so mechanical) and the read-out said, "Cylinder 1 Misfire". I do know, or at least Google informed me, that the most likely cause would be spark plugs and my care needed a tune-up.

After prayer and a Facebook status update (it's amazing how often those go together lately) a friend offered the hand of a closer friend. Tomorrow our car will be taken away and tuned. (I was going to try it but couldn't find the "E" string.) God continues to be good... pass it on.

Then today, Kristin's day off, my good friend Greg over at Cry Baby Tattoo was able to fit me in to get some more work done on my future sleeve. Not only do I love tattoos but they also take a lot of my pain away for a while by distracting the magic little gnomes who run the pain center of my brain and making them think about... I don't know. Hot little gnome women with nicely trimmed beards and high-heels.

The green mushroom is the "1up" mushroom from Super Mario Bros. When you "catch" this mushroom you get an extra life.
The ref is Howie, the former (and for me beloved) logo for ComedySportz. CSz was a big part of my life for a while.
I miss it and the people I played with.

Cancer sucks, yes. But life is good! Sometimes it's great. I've got tons of new shirt available and continue to be creating odd things at -- if you've got a request let me know.

Please don't forget about the Comedy @ North Park show on November 7th! It's going to be lots of fun! You can print out a black & white flyer to give to your friends, neighbors or enemies by clicking here:

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JAG said...

Aaron, you are a great guy. I enjoyed looking at your blog. Jeff Sharman

Amy Jo said...

"Little sensor reader thingy" is actually the technical name. I know because I had to have my car read last week, too, and when I asked for them to use the little sensor reader thingy, they knew exactly what I was talking about.

Those Knecht's boys sure do love a gal who can talk shop.