Monday, October 26, 2009

Prayer Request (update)

I'm at a kind of loss for words. So many people on my mind. I know that some people come read this for updates, some to find a kind of inspiration, and some for entertainment.

I don't really have any of that today. God is good. His grace is amazing. His joy is unrelenting.

Take a moment and pray today. I've got people to pray for, I'm sure you do to.

Kristin and I have accepted that we'll be broke until my disability payments start in January. Life will go on.

Thank you for reading. Maybe more later.


It's a few hours later now. Been laying in bed and praying. Lots of time in prayer today. Lots of time listening. (Not that I hear some audible voice telling me to paint my dog purple. It's more of a feeling in my heart. Though Bell would look great in purple. Just great.)

I'm kind of tired of pain. But aren't we all. It's the same old song. I hurt so Kristin is left to do things for herself. I can't work so Kristin is forced to ask her parents if we can borrow some food tonight for dinner because we don't get paid again until the fifth.

It's just frustrating. Cancer is frustrating. It hit a family near us this past week. It doesn't stop.

But God's grace is overwhelming. I am finding joy this afternoon in a wife who calls and checks on me even though I feel like I'm the biggest problem in her life. She's the sweetest, most beautiful thing, God has done for me since my salvation.

I'm babbling. It's a babbling kind of day.


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