Monday, August 17, 2009

The Rhythm Ain't Gonna Get Me

In the hospital for a few days. Cellulitis. Got out Friday before last. (Boom, boom, tap.)

Kristin's foot hurts. Urgent care. Podiatrist. Stress-fractures. Big foam boot. (Tap, tap, diggity.)

Chemo on Wednesday and can't breath when it's done. Think it's a allergic reaction but turns out to be numerous blood-clots in my lungs. Back in the hospital. Out on Saturday night with plans to come back for the next few days at 9am and 9pm for shots in my stomach. (Tickita, tickita, tap.)

Last night Kristin has chest pains and breathing problems. Back in the ER. She's fine. Something about her chest wall and spasms. (Tap, boom, diggity, tap... rim-shot.)

We're completely broke and won't be able to start braking even until December. I beat myself up a little every day because I'm not working. (Ticka, ticka... "cowbell".)

There is a rhythm to life. No matter what happens. That rhythm keeps going. We all have a choice when we hear the rhythm. We can dance, or we can ignore it.

Mike's (my pastor) sermon yesterday was all about this. To be honest, between meds and a week in the hospital I slept through part of it. But it really inspired me. It filled me with joy. The rhythm of life right now is ever-changing. Sometimes it's a fervent and radical pulse and sometimes it feels like more of a dirge. I can't control the rhythm. I can't just hit a button and change the station. But I can choose to dance.

Choose how you dance. Choose your moves and your joy. You always have a choice. (Tap... tap... tap.)

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