Monday, August 24, 2009

Of All The Mistakes I've Made, The Best Is Yet To Come

Three weeks in the hospital and all I got was this lousy... HEY! Who took my t-shirt?!?

I seem to have let a few people down this weekend. After three weeks in the hospital, finding out I had another day or so on Saturday morning kinda pushed my last button. Seems people are so used to me practicing what I preach that when I didn't "choose joy" I experienced a back-lash.

Let's clarify, shall we? To "choose joy" above your circumstances is a wonderful thing. It keeps life better and easier for those around you and helps you to feel better about the life your living. But you can't do it twenty-four hours a day. There are going to be times where either life just becomes too much to handle or you slip. We're all fallible. Saturday morning I was overcome. I was crushed beneath the cascading events and succumbed to their weight.

Believe it or not, it appears I've lost some friends over this. I'm left with some sadness. Unfortunately I don't have time to mourn the loss right now. This stint in the hospital has reminded me how little time I have left. So there's a positive in it after all. I've got things to do and I need, want, to get off my butt and do them.

So, for those I disappointed, I'm sorry. I'm back on track today... but you can expect that I'll derail again before this is all over. Probably several times.

For those friends I've lost, I'm sorry.

For those still sticking around, good for you and thanks. It's bound to be an interesting show. Unfortunately, I doubt you'll get a surprise ending.

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