Monday, May 18, 2009

Charlie Brown, a Protoge and a Full-Body-Wag

I am incredibly thankful.

On Saturday we moved. I wasn't supposed to lift anything and was sequestered at the new home to "keep Belle company." We had a lot of promised helpers bail out in the days leading up to the move and my faith was a little weak as the sun rose on our moving day. But people showed up. Tons of people. Tim described it as the scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas where all the kids decorate the tree in a miraculous swarm.

...and that's really just how it happened. The entire move took less than two hours. In spite of my weak faith God provided for us.

I am incredibly thankful.

Recently, after many questions regarding what people should, or could, pray for regarding our lives, I posted a short note on Facebook with some of the things I was currently praying for. One of the items was a vehicle. With Kristin and I working opposing schedules and my medical appointments our little car was getting stretched and we were feeling like we were asking too much of our parents with the number of rides we needed.

On Sunday an old class mate from SHS contacted me via Facebook and asked if we had time to get together. I, honestly, told her we didn't. But she had driven down from Portland and said she had something for us. So we found time to meet at a parking-lot in between all the errands of setting up our new house. She gave us a car.

It's a 1998 Mazda Protege. It runs great and is the most beautiful little car I've ever seen. I never thought I could be so blessed by a car. But God, as usual, is just overwhelming.

I am incredibly thankful.

I've mentioned that I'm having to say goodbye to a lot of dreams. One of the big ones, that's hitting me really hard right now, is a child.

I never wanted kids. Really didn't. Until I met Krisitn. When I fell in love with this amazing woman I couldn't imagine not having a child with her. Not seeing a little baby with her twinkle in it's eye. Now that I want a child, it's no longer an option.

I'd like to think I would've been a good Dad. I don't know. But sometimes right now seeing a parent and child together is like a knife in my heart.

But I have an amazing puppy. (I know it's not the same to you.) Today I came home and she wagged her entire body. There's not much on this earth as joyful as a full-body-wag from a loving puppy. Belle's going to be two years old in September. But she'll always be my puppy. She's not a baby. But she's what God has given us. She's my child.

I am incredibly, and humbly, thankful.

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BigDaddyChris said...

How about a kitten? Our kitty just had 5 kittens today. 4 boys, one girl. 2 are flame point siamese, the other 3 are tabby white with brown stripes. they should be ready for new homes in 6-8 weeks.