Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fundraiser, Time and Van Guard Spelling

I'm sitting at work. (Don't worry, I'm actually working. Just taking a quick break.) A pump is attached to a port in my chest pumping in poison to prolong my life. It's weird to think of it that way. But that's the way it is. Chemo isn't going to save me. It's not going to cure my cancer. It just will delay the cancer enough to give me some more time.

More time with Kristin. With my parents. With Belle. With my in-laws. With the people I've come to love as family at work. With old friends and new. More time. It's amazing how important a few months, a few weeks, can become when you're facing death.

The fundraiser at Papa's Pizza on Coburg Road in Eugene is April 16th (which is today or tomorrow depending on when you read this... actually, I guess it could be yesterday depending on how behind you are) from 11am to Midnight. In order to participate you'll need a flyer*, which you can get by clicking here.

Here's the story as it appeared on KMTR tonight/last night/two nights ago... again... depending on when...


*Two things: I'm aware that I'm spelling "flyer" wrong. I just like it that way. Also, please, out of respect for Papa's Pizza and their willingness to provide this fundraiser please adhere to their rules and do not pass-out "flyers" on the premises, including the parking lot.

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Angi said...

OMG Aaron! You are sitting in the best seat in the house! That's the chair I used for my entire chemo treatment! I love you! And I hope you do well. I probably won't be going to Papa's for pizza, but I'll send $20 your way instead! I know it's not much, but it would be about the same as me buying a pizza. Do you have an address up to send donations to?