Friday, April 17, 2009

God just keeps blessing us...

I just can't say, "thank you," enough to all of you who came out to support Kristin and I as we face this whole cancer thing. The smiles and hugs were amazing and overwhelming.

This is the part where I say something really spiritual and enlightening. Right? I gotta tell you, I've had like seven or eight hours sleep in the last two days and wore a chemo pump during that time. I've got little to no creativity left. So here you go.

God is just freakin' amazing. He has a plan. Sometimes His plan feels like it sucks but it's always what's best for us in the end. So when you wake up in the morning realize that you can choose to have a good day... or not.

This is the day that the Lord has made.
I will rejoice and be glad in it.
Thank you all again. I thank God for you, all of you.
I'll be keeping a low profile for the next few days. Kristin and I plan to have as much of a cancer-free weekend as possible where we avoid talking about it or dealing with it for a couple of days. I love her so much.


BigDaddyChris said...
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BigDaddyChris said...

I wanna know how well the fund raising went man! our table threw over $100 pappas way, we left with full bellies and warm hearts. thanks for your smiles man. have a good weekend. love ya!

(that was weird, my last post got messed up, strange glitch) sorry!

Sarah said...

yay! for the cancer free weekend. i hope it's great fun.