Thursday, January 08, 2009

Walking Blind Down Memory Lane

I'm a little confused today. Was actually up most of the night. As my OLD friend Jaymi has been posting old (Springfield High School circa 1988-89) photos, which include some of me, on Face Book I have begun to realize that I, for some reason or other, don't have a lot of memories of high school.

I have vague memories of what happened in a couple of photos. But in others I don't remember being there are participating. For example, there's this photo:

That's me in the giant hat.

I know that I was in this play, The Crucible. I know I played Constable John Willard. I know that I got that role due to the person who had the role being removed from it the day before the show opened and I had to learn all my lines in one day. But I, other than brief images of the stage, have no real memory of actual events. There's no movie that plays in my mind. I guess that's why people have pictures. Maybe no one has those kind of memories.

But I do have those kind of memories. Just not from high-school. Is that weird? Have I blocked out most of my high-school experience? Most of the snippets I remember involve girls that did not return my affections, two girls I think I honestly loved in the best way I could for the broken kind of kid I was (Keri-my first real girl-friend and a great friend, and Wendy-who I adored), and failure. Maybe it's that high-school felt like such a failure for me that I've blocked it all out. I guess the question now, that these "blackmail photos" are showing up on the net, is should I leave myself in the dark or do I want to rediscover those memories?

I think I do. I don't have my high-school yearbooks anymore. They were destroyed by a horrible storm that left them as large chunks of paper-mache. But I recently discovered that the high-school has a few left... for a price. Maybe it's worth the investment.

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