Monday, January 19, 2009

Last night, Sunday, I went to the hospital with abdominal pain at around 3pm. Left the ER at around 11pm.

It's my old friend diverticulitis (isn't it sad that I don't have to look that word up to spell it any more) rared it's ugly head. It's actually been getting worse for about a week and just reached a pain point where I had to go in.

They found two "walled off pockets of infection" on the CT scan. To be honest, I'm not really sure what that means. As far as I understand I'm just going to have worse pain now until they can do surgery, and they'll have to do surgery soon. The surgeon I saw works with the surgeon who's going to be performing my Gastric-Bypass and plans on talking with him this week to see if they'll do the colon surgery during or a couple weeks after my bypass. Either way, life just got more complicated.

Someone decided to remind me today that, "Christ's pain was a lot worse." How the heck is that supposed to help me? Am I supposed to now feel guilty for talking about my pain? Here's a fact, the pain Jesus suffers on a daily basis because of our constant, and we all do it, betrayal of him is much worse than any of us experience at any moment in our lives. It's a truth. However, that information neither comforts or helps me deal with what I'm going through.

I appreciate the well wishes and prayers of everyone. I need those prayers. I need to know, occasionally, that people are thinking about me. Sometimes pain can be very lonely. I have a lot of friends who are suffering, some worse than me, right now. I can't imagine. We all just want it to be over. We all know you want it to be over for us. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

And remember, the next time you cut off your finger in a horrible welding accident, "Christ's pain was a lot worse."

Ok. I'll shut up now.

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