Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Evolution of Frustration

I'm sure it's not quite like pulling teeth. I mean, when teeth are pulled there are usually Novocain or some other pain-reliever involved. Trying to get information from my insurance provider is more like the movie Saw... only more sadistic.

Here's the time-line:
  • Dawn of man
  • Man discovers fire
  • My insurance provider discovers hold music
  • (Forward thousands of years)
  • I call and am put on hold, talk to someone who transfers me to someone who cannot help me and says I should call the first someone.
  • I call again, because second someone could not transfer back to first someone or first some one's department.
  • I wait quite a while until someone number three picks up and hangs up.
  • I call again and wait quite a while until I receive a call on the other line who's caller ID says it's my insurance provider.
  • I click over to find out it is in fact my insurance provider, only this someone (someone number four) is calling to talk to be about diabetes education and not about what I am calling first someone about.
  • I call again, wait quite a while, and am hung up on immediately by someone number five (or number three, as it could have been the same person again).
  • I call again and speak to someone number six (or number five, depending on your theory on the previous someone number five/three) who informs me they can in fact see my pending claim. It is being considered.It will not be available within 48 hours as I was previously told as this process, when expedited, takes 72 hours. I should call back on Monday or Tuesday and be able to have an answer then. (I'm assuming the answer I'll have when I speak to someone number seven is to call back later.)
So I, currently, remain in limbo... remain in pain... remain frustrated but optimistic... and remain tired of the whole darn thing.

I also had the opportunity to go with my lovely wife to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop this week at an afternoon matinee. It's an opportunity I took and would not take again. It was decent. More of a buck-fifty movie, Redbox or "illegal" download.

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Ruth said...

I guess you should always ask the "someones" name and write it down so you have a record of who you talked to and what you talked about. Aren't ins. co.'s frustraiting! Wait till you get on Medicare! And supliment ins. Fun!
I'm so sorry you are having all this difficulty with the ins. Co. Love ya, Ruth