Friday, September 26, 2008

RIP CSz and a little health thing about me.

Last night I, once again, lamented the demise of ComedySportz in Eugene (RIP March 2006). It's left a hole in my life both in performance opportunities and in friendships.

But as I thought a little more about it today I realized that the death of CSz Eugene brought life to a great many other things. Lilith has fully embraced both school and the local theater and, by her occasional posts which make me smile, is truly loving it. Angie & Russell continue to take Pot Pie Theater into new realms and new places. I can't wait for their show next Friday (which I am desperately trying to find the money to attend). Joseph has been able to travel and work in Asia and continue fake-wrestling on Facebook (currently as my tag-team partner). Mike just had a baby and, in lesser news, is running a very successful Lazer Tag business. Tim seems to be enjoying a normal life of work, church, movies and video games. Kent was able to get rid of a huge financial burden and a lot of commuting. Adam is not only deep into his acting bug, he's becoming fairly well known in the local theater community and will probably end up in Hollywood, Chicago or New York long before the wife and I get a weekend trip to Seattle.

In short (yes, it's too late for that) a lot of people are doing some great things now that CSz is dead in Eugene. Some of us still miss it. Or maybe just I miss it. But maybe sometimes... actually... absolutely sometimes something needs to die for other things to grow.

In surgery news: My surgeon's office finally called me back with his reading of my CT scan today. They repeated that there is no sign of infection. They understand I'm still in pain. They are not going to do the surgery which, earlier, they said I needed. And, "If it starts to really hurt again, go to the ER." Wow. That phone call will probably cost my insurance company a couple hundred dollars.

"God has a plan, weather I like it or not."

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