Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gettin' ready for the miracle...

The title is a little pun with how full circle my life has become. For those who were at my wedding. You may have noticed that the "obligational-pre-wedding-slide-show" included a photo of Kristin (age: little girl) and myself (age: obnoxious freshman) in a church musical. That musical was entitled "Gettin' Ready for the Miracle".

Twenty years later she and I are married and have begun attending a new church where the director of that musical is also attending and has just asked me to help with this years children's musical which very well may be... "Gettin' Ready for the Miracle". (Also at the church is an old friend who is now they're music minister. )

Today I am trying to "get ready" for a miracle. I believe God has one up his sleeve. I'm just waiting for it. But I don't want to just be waiting... I want to be prepared. Prepared to move into action at the moment the opportunity is thrust into view. In other words, I'm waiting to hear back on two or three jobs today.

Also... for those of you who find yourself with too much cash to carry around, Kristin and I have a few items for sale on eBay right now.

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