Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yesterday, July 17th, was thirty days with Kristin. Seems like it's been years... in a good way, of course. We did dinner and a movie.

I've always been completely against the "dinner and a movie" date. But it's what we did that first night and it was such a great experience. Last night was just the same.

Today is my Grandpa's graveside service.

I should hear back about a job in the next two days.

The last thirty days have gone by so quickly. I wouldn't give up a moment for the world. I can hardly believe and comprehend how much in love I am.


Anonymous said...


See you when I get back. --- Rubber Dali

MartaCycle said...

I second that awesome and raise you a "I want to see you when you get back!" Thanks for letting me play through, Aaron. :)