Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Kristin and I seemed to hit our first hurdle yesterday. But it was cleared fairly easily. And I'm kinda glad. It's good to know we can hit road bumps and go past them.

She brought me roses last night. They're beautiful. She's beautiful.

The funeral stuff... apearantly the schedule has changed. Didn't find out until yesterday afternoon. The graveside service, memorial service and pie social have all been moved to Thursday. My mom seems to be dealing pretty well with all of it, except for the whole "open casket" thing. She deosn't want to "view the body". I don't blame her. Bill Cosby once said that when he died he was going to have a tape recording of himself stuck in the casket so that when people walked by they would hear, "Don't I look just like myself?"

Kristin has a bridal shower tonight. I may go to karaoke... But I'm really broke and not sure if I can come up with bus money... let alone cab money to get home. So I'll probably end up at home. And that's ok too.

My ADD must be in high gear... New topic:
I'll be moving out of my apartment when the lease is up at the end of August. I'll be moving back in with my parents. It doesn't feel so "loserish" as I thought it would. I've got a purpose.

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