Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Relay for A Life Less Traveled

Win An Ultimate Duck Fan Prize!
     This one's gonna be all about cancer and cancer related stuff. Let's start off with what I think is the funnest cancer thing I can possibly talk to you about. It's a RAFFLE! Through stealthy and super-spy means I was able to secure, for our Relay for Life team, a Limited Edition BCS  Commemorative Football. There were only 2010 of these made... I can only assume because it was for the 2010 BCS Football season. Was that good enough for you people?!? I say, "NO!" A resounding, "NO," I say! So we went and filled out a literal "butt-load" of paper-work, made calls, researched possibilities, body-checked two or three very nice (yet easily checked) secretaries and accomplished, for you, our Relay for Life friends TWENTY-ONE, University of Oregon, Football Autographs! So, and I'm willing to go out on a limb here... I'll even admit I'm guessing... We've just reduced that 2,010 limited edition footballs down to... ONE!

     We had planned to start the raffle at Relay for Life which begins at Noon on this Friday and ends at Noon on this Saturday, Joy 30th! But why limit it to people who can show up and vote? Right?!? Why not give the lazy slacker a chance too? So we did! That's right! You want in? You got in! Simply click on the "PayPal" button below this GIANT graphic, purchase YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS, we'll email you your ticket number and notify you by email of the winning ticket number! So go for it! Buy your raffle ticket and your, dare I say it? I dare! ONE OF A KIND UofO SOVENIER for as little as FIVE BUCKS!

...and the winner, of this one of a kind, limited edition, BCS 2010 Football... signed by 21 members of the Duck Football squad is: Michael Ober!

Congratulations Michael (Who only bought one ticket. Isn't that who always wins?) on the big prize! With a few potential NFL'ers signatures on that ball, it could be worth thousands in just a few years!

Can You Help Us Finish and Maybe Buy A Sandwich?
     This year our team name, for Relay for Life is TEAM: Choose Joy! There are a lot of reasons for that, but, ego aside, most of them have to do with me. Ok... That's not really true. It has much more to do with my wife. Since my diagnosis of Stage IV Colo-Rectal Cancer, and since we found out it was terminal, we have faced every moment and every opportunity by choose joy in every situation! This, in every likely sense, is my last year at Relay. If this is my last year she wanted it to go out the way we went in to it. Now, Relay for Life is just a few days a way and we've almost met every desire we've tried for... well... except for that whole "cure for cancer thing"... One of the things, however, that I really wanted to do for Relay for Life was to personalize the backs of the t-shirts for our team members. For instance, my wife Kristin's would say, "Defy Gravity," which is a line from the musical Wicked and mine would either say, "Choose Joy!," or, "Cancer Sucks." There were plans for a few others.but, honestly, with my parents in town and no income coming in... We're just broke.

     Wondering if anyone can help out with $40 so we can customize those few t-shirts and maybe even be able to eat a sandwhich or have dinner while we're at Relay for Life. If you can help, we'd really appreciate it:

Three Steps Forward, One Step To The Side
     So, in the past couple of weeks I've had a friend's Dad receive a cancer diagnosis, my friend find out her son (in the military) received a cancer diagnosis, my brother in law's father's illness continues to get worse and his health keeps on declining... it just keeps going, my good friend, and brother, David's mother had another stroke which took her cancer up over the ridge and into a pasture they hadn't expected. I've promised him that if Heaven is like many people picture it to be, I'll take her for a walk and we'll talk about how great her son was. Not that she doesn't already know. Then, last thursday, I find out my friend Doug Cecil has finally died as a result of his Stage IV Small-Cell Carcinoma. I'd say he, "lost his battle." But Doug didn't lose any kind of battle. He stood up to cancer and enjoyed every moment this life alloted him. I admire Doug. We are certainly going out in different ways. But we also had very similar perspectives.  I hope to see Doug when I get to Heaven. I hope to share his smile and cause some mischief with him.

     So many changes yet it all stays the same. You'd think it'd get better. But it just gets harder with time. So glad my parents are here to visit this week. To spend some time saying goodbye. Saying goodbye isn't something you ever think you'll have to say to your parents. I'm working up to it. I'll have to do it. I love them too much not to.

     Thank you for your prayers and strength. Thank you for the prayers you find and give for my wife. She needs that support. Such a beautiful, strong, woman with so much to face every day. So much.

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