Monday, March 07, 2011

Seven Hail Marys and A Blow to the Head

I'm about to go to bed. But first I need to make a confession of sorts.

I really needed to blog today. Needed to put my feelings on the screen, via the keyboard, and share them with you. I didn't.

Today was a hard day. One of those days I have once in a while where my immanent death clouds my mind and, more importantly, my heart. Somewhere along the last couple of months I seem to have got the idea into my head that I have some kind of responsibility to give you my moments of joy, but to shield you from the bad stuff. That's never been my purpose or desire.

I apologize. Both for being hesitant at any point to share myself with you and for not giving you enough credit. You all know I'm human. Some of you know that I'm too human. I have faults and I'm sad sometimes. It doesn't mean I'm not choosing joy. It just means the choice is tougher and the evidence is not as clear as I'd like it to be.

Thanks for putting up with me on either side of the coin.

A friend of mine did write a blog today though. A pretty good one. So if you still need something important and insightful to read, minus the bad puns, take a look at what Matt had to say.

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Ivy said...

I can only speak for myself, but I think what we (as in those who only know you virtually) love about you is that you are you. I've never thought that every moment is good, it can't be. If you only shared that, I think we would all know you're hiding behind something.

Keep pressing forward brother. Always in our prayers here at the Unscripted house.