Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cancer Ribbon Tatts for just $45 in January!

Those of you who've followed along for any time know that I get all my tattoos by Greg at Cry Baby Ink. (With the exceptions of a couple from Asher, when he worked at the shop, and my first from Mild Bill. The shop has been very good to Kristin and myself. Greg is an old friend, from high school, and once I received my cancer diagnosis has not charged either Kristin or myself for one penny of the thousands of dollars worth of tattoo work he's provided. For those who've never been tattooed, sometimes the process is an absolute stress reliever. Kind of like a mini, intense, acupuncture that leaves beautiful art behind.

This month, and every January, Cry Baby does this own part for cancer awareness and, I believe a great service to cancer patients and those affected by cancer. The shop will be providing cancer ribbon tattoos for just $45! On top of that, each January the shop will be taking a portion of every tattoo and donating it to a family or person who's been directly effected by cancer. (To be honest, this year I assume it will be me.)

A lot of people don't realize this but there are different colors of ribbons associated, or assigned really, for different types of cancer:

Cancer Ribbons/Colors
So whether you want to remember or honor a loved one or, if you need something to reinforce your own fight, now is the time to get some of the best skin art you can get at what I think is at least half off or more.

Cry Baby Ink is located in Eugene, Oregon at the Valley River Center mall near the LTD Bus Station and the new Regal Cinemas.

Also, we're still collecting  pictures of the "Cancer sucks... Life is Good! Choose joy!" bracelets interacting with inanimate objects. Please, if you haven't already, find the time to take you're bracelet, put in around Wonder Woman's waist or put it around a stapler, and take a picture with your phone. Then, send it to me at and I'll add it to my photos! Eventually these will all be shown as part of my memorial video. 

This project, and all the pictures you've sent in already, makes me feel like I've had some kind of effect in trying to get people to understand that they can make a choice to choose joy! 


Katy said...

I just want you to know that people are reading your blog. Few people comment on strangers' blogs, but I do if the blog strongly affects me in a positive way. So keep writing; more people read and are affected by what you have to say than you will ever know. Peace and Love and Joy.

Jack said...

Aaron, I am praying for you and Kristin. May God bless you, heal you and comfort you both! John