Friday, December 31, 2010

If you're at all interested in what I say... You should absolutely read what Kristin, my wife, has to say.

My wife continues to amaze me with everything she does. Her jewelry, her voice and her words. Her newest blog is beautiful:

Thoughts on life: Facing anxiety while finding the elusive joy: "I don't know where to start. I've had a rough couple weeks, with good times mixed in of course. Almost all of you knew that I was laid off f..."

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Katy said...

I was randomly lead to your blog from another blog I peruse semi-frequently. I spent all of yesterday (now being the last day of 2010) reading your blog, your wife's blog and your mother's blog. I hope this sounds the way I want it to sound, but spending the last day of 2010 with your family's collective thoughts and honesty and faith was amazing for me. I am not a religious person (agnostic) but I respect and admire people who live their lives kindly and with great joy. And I also respect people who live their lives, if it is important to them, with God's will as their road map. So thank you for giving me random unexpected inspiration this New Year's Eve/Day. You all are amazing, super strong, influential people. :-) Now I am going to donate some money to y'all right now. Thank you for renewing my faith in love and strength and family and humanity. Happy New Year and Love and Joy to you...