Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What if God starts heckling?

Life has been incredibly busy. Not really I guess. But for a guy full of various poisons, meant to kill the cancer growing inside him, Saturday to Monday was a whirlwind.

There was a great article in the Register-Guard on Saturday: You can read it by clicking here. It was about the fact that I, as most of you know, am selling ad-space on my urn to cover the cost of cremation.

That was followed up by news coverage yesterday, Monday, on KMTR, KVAL and the Springfield Times. (The "Times" comes out on Fridays. So you'll have to be sure to pick up a copy or check it out online then..) The story was also picked up by a Portland, Oregon's KATU television station. So, at this point, we've had state-wide press coverage and are still hoping for a national outlet to pick up the story.

Here's the story that ran on KVAL and KATU:

It's been great! The ad spaces are still available, though we've already got a good start with all this coverage. If you're interested in purchasing an ad on my urn, the rates start at $100, there is a horrible contract and your logo/design will be hand drawn by me on a ceramic urn. (There are two. One will go to my parents and the other to my wife. At my weight, there'll be plenty of ashes to fill both... Probably with some left over to sprinkle into a local politician's soup during lunch on a rainy day.)

All other donations, which are NOT tax deductible, can be made either through PayPal: 

Or can be mailed, with checks made out to Jamison, Aaron Jamison, Kristin Jamison but not to Belle Jamison... because she's our dog and has no access to a bank account or the skills needed to create her own ATM PIN, to:
Aaron, Kristin & Belle
PO Box 72047
Eugene, OR 97401

In other news, or rather, non-news... There is a part of me that is becoming almost excited about this whole process. Dying. It's a small part, but it's there.

As a Christian I believe that there is a life after this one. In truth, lots of religions, and many people with no religious belief whatsoever, believe that there is "something" after all this. (I personally don't adhere to reincarnation because... well... let's just say I don't want to go through puberty again.) My personal perspective believes in the biblical concept of Heaven. A reunion with God where the relationship humans were originally created to have with Him is restored completely and we will finally fill that need, that vacuum, that exists in every one of us.

My beliefs on what Heaven is like, and let's just face the face that no matter who's scriptural interpretation we use/abuse and misquote... we're all just making a hypothesis based on what we know to be true combined with what we hope to be true. But every once in a while my heart become more playful.

It was in one of those playful moments the other day, as I was writing an email that I remembered an old Mike Warnke album and it's title. (Mike Warnke was/is a Christian comedian who's writings and oral history came into much questioning years ago. He's returned to ministry now. But, as a comedian, he always entertained me growing up and taught me many lessons that remain, to this day, scripturally accurate and meaningful in my life.) The album was, Jester In The King's Court.

I smiled and thought, "You know, that could be me really soon." Maybe with all we've got going on down here on Earth. The homeless, the hate, the fighting, people dying for no reason every day... etc. Maybe with all that God just needs to laugh a little more and I'm being called to a command performance for the King. The King of all Kings. It could be that soon I'll be a jester in the court of my King.

I hope He likes improv and crappy insta-songs with an acoustic guitar. Nothing would please me more, or fulfill my heart, as much as performing for my King, who has given me everything I have.

I hope God blesses you all today with as much joy as you can handle and the best that He has to offer. Thank you for your continued support.

The only picture, at least that I know of,
in which I'm wearing an actual "jester's" hat.
Given to me by my friend JoAnna.


Ruth said...

Well said, Aaron, I have that picture in my mind now of you being Our KING'S jester. I can see it and that is a joyful way to remember you. It'll make me smile long into the future. thanks for your blog today, it made me cry, but some of them were tears of JOY also. Love you, Ruth

captmorgan0077 said...

i donated to ur fund may god be with u and your family

Anonymous said...

I read your story from a link on Fark.com and am moved by your mission to make sure your wife is taken care of. I'm really inspired by your outlook on your situation and that you're trying to make the best of it. My donation isn't much but I do hope that you are able to achieve your goals. May God bless you and be with you every step of the way.


Lolagrrl said...

Just sent my donation. It's the odd moments in life when complete strangers touch our lives, make us think, or make us laugh.

Thanks for giving me a moment. I wish you nothing but comfort and love on your journey.

Ernest said...

I read your story on Gawker today, and was moved.

I hope you got my donation.

Take care of yourself

Susan said...

Aaron, I know you didn't ask to be an example of grace, but you are anyway. May God's blessings be upon you and your family.

Kelly said...

Thank you so much...read about your story on Gawker today. I left a comment on FB and sent a donation. Even through your trials, you remind people just how important JOY and faith are. You, Kristin, Belle, and your family are in my thoughts & prayers.

Spinman said...


Looks like your story got Fox and AP airplay. Che's folks saw it on their FoxNational station. Your mission is on course.


Ivy said...

Hi Aaron! I love your attitude about life! Good luck and we're praying for you.

Today's WTF Friday post on my blog is dedicated to you. I hope it brings you some joy.

The link:http://unscriptedlife.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=152:wtf-friday-will-you-sponsor-my-death&catid=35:wtf&Itemid=217

Usually the link is prettier, but I'm doing this from my phone. :)

God bless!

Ivy said...

I've gotten a lot of response from the blogging community I'm involved with. We're trying to come up with a way to help you raise money.

How many of those bracelets do you have? I was thinking about trying to sell the bracelets both through the blog and with the help of the youth group at our church.