Monday, April 26, 2010

Operation ELLEN!

This past week was more than we could have ever expected. Not only have we sold enough ads to cover the cost of my cremation but, with donations, we've started being able to make payments on our outstanding, and rising, medical bills. We even were able to completely pay off a couple. They're still mounting and growing. But it was a huge miracle for us.

We've still got goals. As this story last week grew, my biggest goal became... are you ready? ELLEN!

I'd like to make it on to "Ellen", the Ellen Degeneres talk show. It's one of Kristin's, my wife, favorites! I want to get on the show, make one last pitch and, most of all, get the national opporunity to tell the world what an amazing woman, wife, friend and helper Kristin is. How I couldn't/wouldn't do this without her.

If you could go to her, Ellen's, page and let her know that you'd like to see us on the show, we'd really appreciate it! The contact page for that is here:

You've done so much. This one more thing could make my life all seem the more worth it.

I can hardly believe all that God, and you, have done! It's been amazing, overwhelming and just beautiful to watch. We haven't covered, even close, everything yet. So we'd still love the donations. We have covered the cremation costs and are done selling those ads unless someone insists on it. Let me know. I'm flexible.

This week, my biggest goal, is OPERATION ELLEN! Help us out. It only takes a couple minutes to fill out the form.

In other continuing health news... I have an MRI tonight which, hopefully, will let us know if the current chemo regimen is working or not. I'll let you know, as soon as I know.

Sorry this isn't more this morning. I've got an interview on KGO radio, one of the biggest talk radio stations in the nation, in a couple minutes. 

You can still donate via PayPal here:

Or mail donations to:

Aaron, Kristin & Belle
PO Box 72047
Eugene, OR 97401

(Payable to Jamison, Aaron Jamison or Kristin Jamison but not to "Belle"... she'll just spend it on kibble.)


Anonymous said...

I was moved to tears this morning upon hearing the courageous Aaron Jamison on radio KGO this morning. Lord, please heal this young man in the name of Jesus, and may he have a special place next to you in your great home. I don't know you Aaron, but I feel like we're friends and I hope Ellen welcomes you to her show. See ya!
Allen Chitwood

Anonymous said...

have you thought about creating some kind of counter so that people can see how many expenses, and how much is being raised? as a faithful reader, this method was a huge inspiration and goal-setting way for people to donate (and rationalize more too) I think. just an idea.

GigglyMomma said...

I went to high school with Kristin and remember her as such a sweet caring person, and from everything I have read from you Aaron, you are just as sweet and caring. Never have I encountered a man who cares so deeply for his wife and is so devoted to making her life easier considering all you must be facing yourself. I wrote to Ellen and I am passing along your blog and information to as many people as I can to help make your dream of being on the show come true. I wish I had money to give to you to make yours, and Kristin's lives easier. I am here if the two of you ever need anything. I am on your facebook friends list(Amy Hadden), don't hesitate to ask. I am a wonderful cook (not to toot my own horn or anything) and I would be glad to bring you guys dinner if you are having a tough day, you just let me know.

Susan at Stony River said...

Oh what fun that would be, to be on her show - and what a great idea! Thank you for the link to Ellen's; she's now got my request for you to be on the show. I'd love to see you both there.

It's good to find you Aaron -- hang in there!

Mel said...

I just found your web page after reading about you on This is True. I loved your idea of being God's jester. I've been coming to the conclusion lately that one role we can have is to gladden His heart. We get overwhelmed by all the bad stuff going on - and we don't even know most of it.
I'm sure God loves improv and slightly weird comedy - after all, He invented sex. (OK strike slightly)
You're both in my prayers. Thanks for your great example!