Monday, April 05, 2010

Being Overqualified

Life is good. No matter what else you hear me say, read that I've written, or see on my t-shirt... life is good.

People, folks, readers have all been amazing with prayer and support and... suggestions. While we (That's "we" as in Kristin and myself... not a "royal we". I mean, I've got an ego but give me some credit.) really do appreciate all of it. One of the subjects we receive an enormous amount of suggestions on is going to agencies for financial assistance. Here's the deal. All of these agencies, with the exception of most food pantries, look only at your income. They do not consider your current expenses.

While I've been incredibly open with almost every aspect of our lives, I haven't given anyone any real exact figures on our financial issues. I'm still not. But let's us just say that during the average month my costs for life insurance, health insurance, prescription co-pays and doctor co-pays hover around about $1,000. That's not including our portion of medical costs not covered by insurance. (i.e. anesthesiologists, surgeons, hospital stays, emergency room) My monthly disability check is just over $900.

That's all quite the deficit. When you ad in Kristin's hours being cut-back at work. We're really struggling. But when you add Kristin's paycheck to my disability check and don't take out all those medical expenses, along with rent, utilities, car insurance, Kristin's medical, groceries, gas and all those other things we all have to cover each month... on paper we look almost average. Not "worthy" of the help we need.

I guess I'm just frustrated because when someone makes these suggestions I feel a need to follow up because otherwise I'm not trying my hardest right? Thus, it would make it easier for you to stop making the suggestion. Not all suggestions, mind you. If you hear of a great sale on bananas, a wonderful place to eat waffles (that hasn't burned down recently), or even a chili recipe that just might be better than mine I'd still love the suggestion. (Why is everything there about food? It's the dang Marinol! I'm telling you!)

Again, though, I really do appreciate the thought behind them.

In other news, we'll be having a fundraiser at the Coburg Rd. Papa's Pizza on Wednesday, June 2nd from open to close. Fifty percent of any food purchases made in the restaurant, with this flier in hand will go to the Aaron M. Jamison Pre-Memorial Foundation.

Don't forget that I'm selling ad space on my urn! Contracts are now drawn up. Each ad is $100, with the first $800 going towards my cremation costs (including the price of the painted urn and random fees) and the remainder to the cost of my actual memorial service. The first ads have been sold, but there's plenty of room left. Every dollar I can cover now is one that Kristin doesn't have to find when I'm gone. This is no joke. If this idea takes off it could mean national news coverage and some very cheap publicity for businesses involved.

Thank you all for your continued support. Emotionally some of this is getting a little tougher. I continue to lean on my family and they continue to support the weight (fat joke intended) of the situation. I also lean on you. Thanks for reading.


Banana Queen said...

Not to be all....suggesty....but have you considered a charity auction? You could get donations from friends, family, and local businesses and then hold a charity auction with the proceeds going to your expenses.....I bet you could get a church to hold it for you. Just an idea. Sometimes those things really raise money. You could also do a charity yard sale, similar idea, with everyone donating to the sale in your honor.

Anonymous said...

At last, something I can do.

(You're in my thoughts, buster. Even if I don't ever, ever say so.)

Clackamas said...

You've made the Gawker. Regardless of what some might say, they're very nice people on the East Coast. Be well.