Friday, February 26, 2010

Goodbye Darren... Good luck.

Content deleted out of respect to my wife's parents.
Originally this was a post with undeniable statements made by my brother-in-law to me about how my wife had only taken pity on me and that... anyway... he hurt me. His "apology" is posted in comments which consists of an accusation that I am dishonest and a demand from me for an apology for making his horrible, painful and angry comments public.

It should be a reminder that when we do things behind closed doors or in the darkness, or anywhere we think things will not be seen, those things will be brought to the light. The truth will always be revealed.


Angelina said...

Wow, never have I wanted to punch a complete stranger as much as right now. Good for you getting rid of toxic people. Blech, who needs 'em? xoxox

Kelly said...

Aaron, your brother-in-law is an ass, that's obvious. He obviously doesn't have any boundaries and a holier-than-thou attitude. I think that you (and only you) should sever ties with him; why keep someone like that in your life?
I do feel it's weird to post family fights on Facebook. It's really nobody else's business what is said between family members. It draws everyone into choosing sides or posting other hurtful comments for all to see. I feel for Kristin, as she is caught in the middle.
I have a jack-ass loser for a brother as well, who has hurt me and my family beyond imagination. It is now my choice to not spend any time with him, as he can ruin holidays, visits with my nephew, and anything else with a harsh word or action.
Anyway, just wanted to say that I think you made a good choice to delete him from your life. But it seems lame to put it on Facebook for the world to see. Just my opinion, not that it matters.
I hope you and Kristin can have some peace from his negativity now. It's amazing what getting rid of someone like that can do.

aaron jamison said...


I really appreciate your comments. I'd like you to know that what you see posted here is small compared to the horrible things he said to Kristin. Her brother, Darren, has a history of saying things like this to her, her mother and others without having to take any responsibility for his words/actions.

I chose to make his statements public because I thought he should answer for his actions and words. Making them public, and using actual page images, means he cannot deny what he said and is forced to face it.

I have, since the beginning of our marriage, fought for him to have a place in this family. At no point, even now, have I asked Kristin in any way to cut herself off from him. Again, however, he has said what I consider to be worse things to her.

You should ask her about it this week. I think you'll have a slightly, if not wholly, different perspective. (At least in regards to me putting her "in the middle".)

Thanks again for reading,

Problem Child said...

Thank you for your courage and candor. It's uncomfortable to see this play out of Facebook, but only because it's the truth. Mental abuse like this goes on behind closed doors in families all the time. And meanwhile everyone affected is expected to put on a good face out in the world. It's like living between a gun powder and a match factory. It can be hard for outsiders to understand the behind the scenes stuff that makes us who we are. But maybe friends who can't take being in on family fights are just fair weather friends.

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

I'm sure this comment is directed at me. Which is strange since we don't even know each other. Just because we have a difference of opinion doesn't make anybody a "fair-weather friend." I resent that. Aaron and I are cool. People (and yes, even friends) are allowed to disagree on things...that's what makes the world go round.
And I understand more than you know about family drama and heartache.

Darren said...

Since you made this public, I want to make my apology public so you can't deny I never made it. I am sincerely sorry for what I said to you that hurt you deeply. I didn't intend for that to happen. I know you have been good for my sister and you are soul mates. I am glad God led you two together and she has been there for you to help you through this horrible cancer. I'm sorry to see you go through this and don't want to make your pain worse. I would like to have a relationship again you with and Kristin. I think you owe me an apology too for making this family issue public, which it never should have been. There have been some posts on here to defend my right to privacy. I love you bro and my sister Kristin. Lets put this behind us and move on. I'm glad to see your Urn Ads idea getting so much attention, even worldwide. You are so creative. May God bless you through your journey. We're still praying for you. I will think before I speak to you from now on and not say anything negative again to you or Kristin.

aaron jamison said...


How dare you demand an apology from me? You said horrible things to me which I chose to make public so that you would be held responsible for them and could not deny them. You begin your "apology" with an accusation?

I don't have enough time left in my life to waste on trying to develop a relationship with someone who strikes out so rashly, intentionally and without thought of the damage he may do.

May God bless your life and family. But please stay away from mine.