Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A "Mixed Blessing" Is Still A Blessing

So, for those of you keeping track (and if you can keep up with all this you're doing better than I am), I had an MRI yesterday. Here's the story:

I've been having incredible back pain since about a week after they took me off of chemo. It goes away and then comes back worse a few days later. They took an x-ray last week and then, based on the x-ray, scheduled an MRI for yesterday (Nov. 2nd). Over the weekend I developed some just awesome pain in my leg. The pain finally reached a point where we had to go to the ER. The ER doctor informed us that it was probably a result of the damage in my back. Then she went over the notes from the previous x-ray with us, which suspected that the cancer had spread to my spinal cord and damaged my L2 vertebrae. They put me on a fentanyl patch for the pain and I went in for the MRI yesterday.

There is no cancer in my spine. There's something there, and they're not sure what it is. But it's not cancer. Kristin and I have spent the entire weekend dreading the appointment today for results. Even before I had the MRI.

Cancer in the spine is a very painful diagnosis and we are both very relieved to bypass this one. I'm being referred to a back surgeon to try to figure out what the actual problem is. They also went ahead and x-rayed my knee today.

There is, of course, a flip side to this coin. The surgeon who was considering performing surgery on my liver has decided that I would not benefit from said surgery. At the same time my "numbers" have begun to rise again. The cancer is coming back for action.

I have another MRI on Monday and will follow that with an appointment the following Friday to discuss chemo treatment options.

It's not anything we didn't expect to happen. But it's certainly happening sooner than we had prepared for.

God is good. He has a plan. We don't know His plan most of the time. But we have to remember that His plans always work out better than our own.

Don't forget that what could potentially be my final show is this Saturday (Nov 7th) at 7pm @ North Park Community Church. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell your enemy's friends!

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