Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pain, Cash Drain and a Little Insane

I didn't think the Celebrex was working. I really didn't. I'm officially out. Now I know, it was working. Oh my goodness is the pain/ache intense. Won't be able to refill the prescription until Tuesday. So this is going to be an interesting few days. Nobody ask me to go mountain biking, rock climbing or... well... moving really.

Today was our bankruptcy court date. It went rather smoothly. We have to relinquish (ie: deliver) the Volvo to the credit union this week. Not a problem. I'd say it's a relief. I'm sure it will be. But right now I think we're both just emotionally destroyed. It's been such a long time coming and the bills are still piling up. They'll keep piling up.

In January I'll finally get my first disability check. Hopefully things will smooth out soon. But right now it's like traveling through the Rockies on a big-wheel with nitrogen strapped to the bottom.

Life is good. With ups and downs life remains good.

I'm going to go lay down now and try to not use my body for anything.

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