Monday, July 20, 2009

Last week I was approved for SSA Disability! It's very exciting. I'm aware that most people get turned down on their first application. The only draw-back is that I've been informed I won't receive a check until December. That check won't be retroactive, it'll just be for December. Apparently they're backed up.

Through a benefactor, Kristin and I are going to be able to pay my Cobra insurance until that December check comes. God seems to keep providing solutions.

It's funny that my last day of work was last Wednesday and, other than today, I have a very busy week ahead. Lost of planning, getting insurance set up, meeting with a lawyer... it's gonna be busy.

This Friday & Saturday I'll be participating in the Relay for Life with my wife and some friends. If you'd like to contribute to that cause you can do so and get more information here:

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