Saturday, July 11, 2009

Do Puppy Cuddles Cure Cancer?

A week ago the upcoming prospect of my final day of work terrified me. Last Wednesday I was told I would have to work many more days than I expected and was distraught at the concept. Friday night when I walked into work all I could hear in my head was Final Countdown by Europe.

I have three days left to work. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm still scared. We're so broke right now that the dog gets nervous when we turn on the oven. But this last round of chemo took so much out of me that I fully realize that I can't do it anymore. I'm ok with it. Kristin is amazingly supportive and appears to have much less fear about the situation than I do.

Tonight we're going to karaoke to help me ease into this "phase of my life". I'm excited. I plan to stay til close or somewhere around there. I just want to have fun with my beautiful wife and friends. So excited I can't even take a nap.

Life is good. God is amazing. Right now Kristin is asleep on the bed with Belle and Brandi-Bell, Belle's biological sister who we are now fostering, is asleep on her little bed next to me. It's quiet and beautiful and I couldn't ask God for much more.

Belle, Me and Brandi-Bell.

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