Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Don't Pack That Suitcase Just Yet

We're going to have to postpone our trip to California. We just don't have the money. We've already used all our vacation and sick time for my stupid hospital stay in February and can't afford the trip and a week without pay for both of us.

The trip is still going to happen. Kristin and I are shooting for February of next year. We can go for our anniversary. It gives us more time to save and me a reason to stay on chemo.

I'm disappointed but not disheartened. We'll take a couple days this month and go to the coast. It's still time together and that's the most important part.


BigDaddyChris said...

check out this picture:

I had to laugh, cuz dude, food is just sooooo good. I hoped you could relate, or at least smile :)

hope all is well with you.

love Chris

Sarah said...

argh! man.. no craig ferguson? watched his show on Monday - laughed SO hard (as usual) that and Tori Amos was on. sooo cool.