Sunday, May 10, 2009

Let's give the boy a ha-a-and...

"Give it to God."

It's a phrase we, Christians, use almost in passing some times. We say it like it's so simple. "You have a problem? Give it to God."

But it's not quite that simple is it? Telling someone with a problem to, "Give it to God," is like telling someone with a bushel of wheat to give you a slice of bread. Bread can be made, but it will require grinding the wheat, other ingredients, work and time. Always time.

We can give things to God, but never instantaneously. Sometimes we give things to Him and take it back... repeatedly. Sometimes we say we've given things to Him and, in secret, are holding on as tightly as possible. Sometimes we just can't face losing what we perceive as control over the situation.

This all isn't a new concept for me. It was just raised again this morning during church. Our pastor is preaching a series on Living Above the Noise. Today was about our hands and what they can accomplish, hold on to, touch, hurt, etc. It made me think about the things I'm holding on to right now.

I've given my life, and death, over to God. There's no question in my mind. In fact, contradicting my opening words, it was fairly easy. I'm aware that God's plan is what's best and I accept whatever His will is.

But I've been continuously praying for my wife and parents. I worry about them. I worry about what they'll do when I'm gone. About how they'll get along. God is showing me that my family will be protected and safe. But I'm holding on to them. Tightly.

Tonight I start a new process. I'll be praying that God take care of them. That won't change. But I'll be focusing on giving their future to God. After all, He'll be here long after I'm gone and can, obviously, take care of them much better than I ever could.

Sorry, this isn't some deep thing about choosing joy. It's just about control. I don't have it over this situation, and I don't have it over the future of my loved ones.

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