Monday, March 16, 2009

Pac Man Fever Is Not Killed By Chemo

Sometimes life is like a giant Pac-Man™ game. Each little dot is just a generic moment in time that leads you, if you make the right turns, to a glowing power pellet that is a wonderful, warm, moment. You try to avoid the evil ghosts that follow you, occasionally facing them head on and always hoping and looking for that little piece of fruit that, when you get it, tastes so amazingly sweet.

I know that analogy drags on a bit. But it feels incredibly accurate for my life right now. There are a lot of those little dots. Tons. Some days it just seems like I'm drowning in them. But all those dots make each of the glowing power pellets even more amazing.

Yesterday Kristin and I made a very difficult decision. We have to start looking for a new place to live. If the doctors are right and I have a very limited time left here, she can't afford the rent here on her own. Where ever we go will be cramped, but we'll also save some money every month. So there's some sliver-ish lining. Ever try to find a one bedroom apartment that allows a seventy pound dog?

We'll have a lot of those decisions. But all those decisions lead to wonderful moments. Those moments, with this woman, with my parents, with friends... are all worth being chased by the ghosts.

One day the ghosts may get me. They get us all in the end, my time run may just be shorter. But until then I'll keep running the maze and enjoying the game God has given me.

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