Monday, November 24, 2008

Sail On


I'm back home tonight after a few days back in the hospital. This trip wasn't as bad as the last in that it wasn't quite as life threatening. The pain was very intense, as was my frustration.

Last year we struggled so hard financially around the holidays. This year with both of us working I thought things would be a little smoother. But with my mounting medical bills and, now, missing crucial work hours it feels like we're back in the same leaky boat.

But there's an old song that I thought about today,

"Sail on. When the water gets high.
Sail on. When the wind starts to die.
Sail on. It's just a matter of minutes til His ship comes to get us, and we'll all get in and sail on."

So... I can't sleep, though I'm heavily embalmed with Percocet right now, have to work Thanksgiving and not sure if I'll be able to get my wife even something small for Christmas... So what? It's just temporary. It's all just temporary.

Tonight I will choose to find joy in my life.

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