Thursday, November 27, 2008

An Ode To A Mongoose

Nothing keeps your ego in check like missing several days of work while in the hospital and coming back to realize that no one noticed you were gone. (With the exception of those who had to cover your shift.)

I have never really enjoyed anyone's potato salad other than my Mother's mashed potato salad... until today. I'm having a small dish of Jessica's potato salad at work and I'm even enjoying the dill pickles in it. It's a nice Thanksgiving Day treat.

But on this Thanksgiving day my post is more about something that I am quite thankful for, though I doubt I talk about it much. Today I am thankful for my brother.

I didn't grow up with a brother. In fact, I was raised as an only child, (Not spoiled mind you. Many close cousins and living close to the poverty line took care of that.) until a few years ago when I happily added a sister to my sibling-hood. I, still, have no brother by blood. But I do have a brother.

There have been many close friends over the years. But at a very unlikely place, ComedySportz, I met my brother. He was a shy, quirky, guy with lots of "issues" and a comedic genius. Over the years we have become very close. So much so that in moments of deep desperation and great joy, he (along with my God) is the one I think of calling.

We've had less time to spend together in the last few years. He's grown up a lot and so have I. Our work schedules and lives have led down slightly different paths. But when I was in the hospital in April, he was the one friend who showed up. Not only showed up, but spent time with me. He's still the one I know I can call and just talk. Even if I have nothing to say.

Today is his birthday and I won't get the chance to see him. I'll try very hard to talk to him. But I just want to make sure he knows that I consider him a brother and will always be there for him.

Happy birthday Tim. Some people are stuck with their family members. We were fortunate enough to choose each other.

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Rubber Dali in Korea said...

I miss both of you guys very muchly! We thought bacon-wrapped hot dogs were an unusual treat in Eugene, but wow, are they ever easy to find here! And they are WHOLE hot dogs wrapped in bacon, not sliced! And another "delicacy" here is --- and this is genius --- corn dogs with french fries in the batter!!!