Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Bike from God

I can't really say it any other way. After my decision yesterday to absolutely go through with the surgery I started praying about a way to exercise that my body could handle.

I asked Kristin to look on Craig's List and there was an exercise bike that would be perfrect (the kind with the fan) but we didn't have money.

So I called the number and asked if they'd be willing to hold it until I got paid on Friday. They weren't too keen. I offered to write them a check if they would wait to cash it until Friday. He said he wasn't comfortable with that. I said I wouldn't be either, thanked him and hung up.

He called me back. In the end he brought me the bike and took a check. He said that God had told him to call me back. I'd never mentioned religion or God at all.

So last night I started, further, on my trip to longevity with a stationary bike... the bike from God.

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