Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I've worked a at a lot of places. Many of those places have ordered company shirts or such. I'm always asked my size. I always tell them. Then when the goodies are handed out I'm either told they couldn't get my size or, "Here's an XL. With that work?" (For those reading who are unaware, I'm fat.)

I've come to expect this. It's become my norm. Today at work the new "goodies" were handed out. Not only did they get my size, but we were given an embroidered polo shirt, embroidered jacket and a brand new pair of Nike shoes. All of it (mine at least) in my size. I was speechless.

I had to hurry back to my little work cave to cry in private. No one here, unless they somehow decide to read this, will ever understand how much this meant to me. How truly included I've felt.

I'm not sure that I've felt "included" in a long time.

The ad for the improv show will air on KMTR (NBC in Lane County, Oregon) next week at varying times. You can also view it here.

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