Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dogs Love Fireworks

It's not quite 7am on Saturday morning and I'm crying over a news story. I just heard a man crying, begging, "My dog is so good. He knows how to sit. He'll give you his paw. Please don't make me take him to the shelter."

Across the country, because of home forclosures, there are thousands more animals than normal going to shelters. Pet rescues are at their maximum and don't have any more room.

Locally we have several excellent animal rescues, all of which are struggling with the economy. If you're like me, you just don't have extra money to give right now. But here's an opportunity: Fireworks.

Even if money is tight you may be setting aside some to buy fireworks. A local dog rescue, who's director works with my wife at Bush Animal Hospital, is hosting a fireworks stand at Papa's Pizza on Coburg Road (1577 Coburg Road) starting today.

Help save a dog who just wants to love and be loved.

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