Friday, June 29, 2007

the glass has water in it

It's been a rough week. So I thought I'd share and, thus, unburden myself... and, thus, burden you.

Forgot to take my pills twice this week. This results in a headache that feels as if Gilbert Godfrey has taken a "butt-load" of crack cocaine and been set loose inside my skull with a pogo-stick. It also leaves me a little unstable. Which is more a problem for Kristin than anyone. It's kind of a mute point as I'll be out of medication soon and can't really afford to see a doctor to renew any of my prescriptions and/or go through testing to make sure I'm on the right ones regarding my diabetes.

After being told the financing had gone through for the home we were trying to purchase, we found out that the financing was not for the amount we needed and couldn't be spread any further. So, for now, we will not be home owners. We've accepted that it's just not God's time right now. But it's still difficult. Pray for us if you get a chance.

In better news... we are attending a new church and enjoying it as we get to know the people. Kristin and I will be helping out with worship music this Sunday as our "new" pastor takes his first turn at the pulpit of this church.

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Amber said...

I work with medical stuff and I am telling you there are resources. Patient assistance programs for meds and the Bridge program at Peacehealth for docs and labs. It's not perfect, and I know it's not fun, but it's very important to take meds that help keep you alive and healthy. If you won't do it for yourself, fo it for Kristin. You should income qualify and i would be happy to talk you through whatever I can.

also I am not yelling, even if my typing sounds that way. I know you know a lot of this stuff, I just want to encourage you with love and fierce mother tones to take care of yourself.

also sucky about house stuff. I didn't know you were looking. :)

It was nice to see you the other day.